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We Got Started Because…… We Cared

Signum Health started nearly over two decades ago, when founder Victoria Norman, identified a huge disconnect between the various public sectors services, services that were there to support and care for patients. The very services that had the biggest impact on an individuals
health and well-being were not connected or integrated, services were physical and virtual silos.

Victoria working on the frontline of healthcare delivery and at the heart of some of the most deprived communities in Wales, had the opportunity to be introduced to a health service that sat outside Primary and Secondary Care, the unrealised and unrecognised 3rd Sector. Here at Signum we do not view the 3rd Sector as 3rd but 1st, and it was from this work Victoria’s
passion to connect and create a holistic health care service was born…. and where Signum evolved.

Victoria recognised that going forward digital technology was going to play an important part in transforming care and connecting the various services together to allow patients faster, personalised, informed and accessible care. This passion for technology was at the core of the development of the products of Signum, even more so we recognised that health and well being had to diffuse across the lifespan of the patient and of course combine both holistic and clinical interventions.

Signum started back in 2004 with a seed of idea, over the years the company researched, proposed, designed and developed a software platform that would break down information silos, connect services and put the patient at the centre… the aim to see the person in the patient

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