Here at Signum Health we provide a range of remote diagnostic services for both clinician and patient use.

Our cloud based diagnostic platform means a quick, accurate diagnosis can be made remotely, saving both time and money. 

Diagnostic Modules


Sexual Health


The online platform offers prompt delivery of diagnosis and treatment advice, while triaging patients whose needs are a priority. This streamlining process reduces onward referrals and ensures that patients are on the right waiting lists the first time around.

Rapid diagnosis (many results determined in 48 hours) leads to reduced waiting times and lists, and better patient outcomes, greatly improving the referral-to-treatment profile and patient satisfaction.

Without costly overheads, we can offer a considerably reduced tariff for online referrals.  In some cases we can reduce costs by nearly half, producing sizeable savings for NHS organisations and Commissioners. 

More patients are diagnosed and triaged out of existing budgets, and there is a reduced flow into secondary care.
We save patients time and expense, as they can use local facilities or access help online, instead of travelling long distances for the same specialist care. 
Rapid and effective diagnosis of a condition can reassure patients, reduce stress and improve outcomes for those who need further care. A patient’s family life and work is less disrupted with remote diagnosis. 
Specialists can be accessed in geographically remote areas through technology-enabled consultations, meaning patients get an equitable service wherever they live.