Emergency Services

i-Navigator is a completely integrated, flexible and powerful digital suite of community support information for the law enforcement and community safety market.

i-Navigator allows emergency services to move from crisis-led interventions towards prevention by providing officers with the right
e-tools and information to support people and communities.


Online Service Directory

Auto updates lists of relevant health

Clinical System Integration

Information is shared quickly between different systems.

User Feedback

Share data securely to provide better patient care


Immediate Referral

Emergency Responders are able to quickly and easily identify and refer to a range of appropriate support services via the inbuilt directory of services. Rather than default to A&E or a GP, i-navigate can help responders to get appropriate support services in place for the person, quickly and efficiently. .

Cost Effective

Preventive projects are cost effective. A young person in the criminal justice system costs the taxpayer over £200,000 by the age of 16, but one given support to stay out of the system costs less than £50,000. SROI for Social prescribing ranges from £2.30 – £3.40 per £1 spent, this is based purely on a single referrer….what if everyone used social prescribing? Signum will be reviewing this as part of their ongoing cost analysis.


In order to make health and social services more equitable there has been a move to a more social model of health with a patient centred approach. Our platform allows people who may not fit a structured referral criteria, to get support. i-navigate supports frontline staff to identify the right service and the right time for the person they are responding too.