Designed with dermatology specialists, our platform allows patients to be electronically referred to a specialist for assessment without necessarily having to go to hospital.

Over half of the UK population is affected by a skin condition each year. This is the most frequent new complaint seen by a GP.


Signum Diagnostics can support dermatologists to diagnose patients quickly and remotely. Patients and healthcare professionals can access the system online, and generate or follow up referrals using our pre-written digital questionnaires. Within 48hrs consultants can quickly and remotely assess, triage, diagnose and provide a treatment plan.

Online Questionnaires

Adaptive e-questionnaires written by specialists.

Secure cloud based platform

Diagnose anywhere with the cloud based integration.

Image upload facility

Picture AI creates high quality images for diagnoses.

Self Referral

 Set up your own private module for self referral.

Online Prescription

E-prescription tool for quick access to medicines.

Chat & Peer review

Communicate virtually with patients or other consultants.


Prompt Diagnosis

Signum’s online dermatology service aims to provide patients with a high quality, safe and efficient service which improves outcomes. 
Referrals are made directly to a specialist, speeding up the diagnosis and reducing patients anxiety about their condition. 
We support specialists to provide dermatological care for patients closer to home.

Cost Effective

Our system is cost effective for patient and provider. We support remote diagnosis, reducing the need for patients to travel and minimising consultation times and the number of follow up appointments needed.
With the ability to remotely triage, patients are directed to the most appropriate clinician, making better use of resources. 

Reduced Waiting Times

Our consultants directly triage referrals. Prompt assessment, diagnosis and treatment advice, means patients who require face to face specialist care can be seen sooner, whilst the majority of patients can be treated in their local community using the most appropriate work-force.